A fundamental problem many of our Louisville, KY landscaping clients deal with is yard and water drainage. Improper water drainage can lead to water damage to foundations and plants. As part of the landscaping proposal, Natures Landscaping will also make recommendations to correct water drainage problems. Typical water drainage correction projects include basins for low areas that collect water and/or the installation of drainage pipes to channel water from downspouts and away from planting beds and away from the foundation of your home. We can also help if there are areas in your yard that turn into an unwanted muddy pond after heavy periods of rain.

Landscaping maintenance is important for the beauty of homes as most home owners spend great amounts of time and money on their landscaping. But proper drainage around the house is of greater importance than just beauty, especially in areas where homes are built over large stratas of clay soil. Clay soil is an expansive soil that shrinks or swells during periods of droughts or heavy rains, thus causing foundation damage.

Some homes are built in a ‘hole’ where all of the landscaping slopes toward the foundation. Other homes are built over old creeks, springs, or other underground drainage areas that are not visible, yet they cause damage to the foundation.

Nature’s Landscaping has been fighting water drainage problems for a long time, we will perform a free on-site inspection and if we think you can correct the problem yourself, we will tell you. If you need one of our yard drainage correction solutions we will create a proposal.

The last thing you need is rain water pooling on your property or entering your home.  Once water enters your water, it can cause thousands of dollars damage and numerous hours of anguish. We understand drainage and serve the Louisville, KY area with innovative solutions to solve water drainage problems.